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11W LED Tube vs Fluorescents

11W LED Tube vs Fluorescents 11W LED Tube Fluorescents Savings
Power 10 Watts 50 Watts 40 Watts
Power usage for 2,080 kWh 10,400 kWh 8,320 kWh
Your power cost for ,based on
$ kWh (Including Network Charges)
$374.40 $1,872.00 $1,497.60
What if annual power costs should rise by
per annum
$411.84 $2,059.20 $1,647.36
TOTAL SAVINGS FOR 1 year $1,647.36
Select your state to calculate your emissions % green power
Total CO2 emissions in 1 year in tonnes 2.221 11.107 8.886

Please note that these calculations are indicative only. They do not factor in the following additional savings :

  • Savings in replacement bulbs or tubes due to the much longer life of the LED fittings.
  • Savings in labour to change the bulbs or tubes - often more costly than the bulbs.
  • Savings in the form of rebates available on the purchase price on fittings approved under the NSW ESS and the Victorian VEET scheme.